"RBS is client oriented. They keep the purpose and goal of the project always in sight, gently nudging and assisting, with the improvement of students steadfastly their first priority."
Dr. Ric Potts
Christian Brothers University
The RBS AdvantageMore than 45 years of experience in research & evaluation services

RBS's mission is to help schools and other education organizations improve student learning, teacher content knowledge, and instructional effectiveness.  RBS carries out this mission by developing and delivering high-quality, useful, and evidence-based services and products.

What can RBS do for you?

  • Deliver customized research and evaluation services, including proposal planning, third-party evaluation, testing, analysis, reporting, and research studies (Click Here)
  • Provide helpful free professional tools, like white papers, evaluation instruments, publications, and papers and presentations (Click Here)
  • Show you what expertise is needed to conduct successful research and evaluation studies (Click Here)
  • Include you on free informational e-mailings (Click Here)

RBS, providing service as a nonprofit since 1966, is your source for research and evaluation assistance.


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